Specialized training

is provided in the GITT (Governmental and Institutional Travel and Tourism) sector


Tourism Optimizer Platform, as an expert in Governmental and Institutional worldwide travels, offers the Unique GITT Training program.

The training on Tourism and Government Travel has been created to offer specialized studies in the GITT sector with three goals, positioning companies that have experts in the sector; offer a professional alternative to the agents of the sector, opening them the doors of a new employment niche, where they can be considered pioneers; and facilitate the management of the different governmental agencies, which find the organization of these trips quite complex due to the lack of expertise of their personnel and the scarce specialized offer of the companies facing the GITT Sector.

CIFAL Malaga / UNITAR special courses


Protocol and Operational Impact Analysis of Governmental and Institutional Travel

Learn about the principles that help meet the demands of Governmental and Institutional Travel, its impact on major service suppliers and the importance of protocol within this type of travel. Become a professional in this new sector, increase your competitiveness and positioning in an industry that is constantly evolving and lacks true experts. 100% online course, learn at your own pace, when and from wherever you want.


Governmental and Institutional Travel Planning and Management Specialist

Gain unique expertise in the field of Governmental and Institutional Travel, and become part of the community of professionals who can adapt to the needs of governments and large institutions during the organization and planning of their trips. Obtain a 360º vision of the operations, functionality and capacities to satisfy the demand of this type of travel. Acquire the skills and learn about the most demanded tools in the sector through 100% online content, live sessions, interactive use cases, discussion and debate forums, challenges, gamification and much more.



Governments and Institutions

Governmental staff who are already responsible for organizing this type of travels, Consulates, Embassies, Travel Units, Travel Coordinators in general that are responsible for organizing trips for the Governmental sector

GITT Suppliers

Accommodation and ground transportation services suppliers, travel agencies, etc…

GITT Professionals

 Executives, managers of Departments, Managers and employees of tourism companies, and other sectors related to the governmental sector


Students who have studied Tourism, Protocol, Event Management, International Relations, Governmental Employees, etc. ... and want to specialize in the field of Government and High institutions travels.

All training content is based on the international standard GITT (Governmental & Institutional Travel and Tourism) (Standard-GITT), for the fulfillment of the requirements and the needs of the GITT users.


The specialized training on GITT sector counts on the collaboration of the GITT Institute, as well as the main and most prestigious international Universities.


Our products


GITT Seminars

Seminars have been developed with a determined instructive and informative character. Some of their participants will be: government representatives, experts in the GITT sector and personalities from the world of tourism at the international level. The main objective is to offer attendees the innovation of a new tourism segment called GITT (Governmental & Institutional Travel and Tourism) with different approaches:

  • General GITT session
  • Specific and sectorized seminars

With an Informative purpose to obtain a thorough GITT Sector understanding:

  • Overall GITT subject.
  • Workshop.

GITT post degree or MASTER

With an Academic purpose, this is the main product in the GITT Training program. TOP, in collaboration with the GITT Institute and the most prestigious universities, offers a Master training based on a “case study” model:

  • Overall GITT Module.
  • Specific GITT Module:
    • GITT Travel Management and Organization.
    • Legal and international taxation framework in GITT sector
    • GITT economic and social impact.
  • Final project.
  • GITT Internships in companies (optional)

Professional GITT Training

Online courses for professionals in GITT sector:

  • General knowledge on the GITT Sector
  • Specialization courses addressed to Governments and Institutions
  • Specialization courses addressed to the accommodation sector.
  • Specialization courses addressed to ground transportation suppliers
  • Specialization courses addressed to Travel agencies
  • Specialization courses addresses for professionals in GITT sector

 They are not only of informative nature but they will also lead to specialties divided into services and specific sectors.


Master Class of personalities and leaders in the GITT sector

GITT Compass

Discover the knowledge that interests you most

The spirit of the GITT Training is to generate a knowledge bank in the GITT sector that facilitates learning by discovery through the "case study". In this sense, the GITT training experts have generated a tool called "The GITT Compass" which interrelates the contents of the sector in a novel way much more didactic and entertaining.

Become a true professional and expert in the GITT sector. Contact us

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