Diplomacy and Governmental Travels within war periods

Many episodes in the history of mankind, and unfortunately, although increasingly isolated, in our present, have been marked by war. These dark events, which pit two or more factions against each other using force and weapons, paralyze almost all daily activities. However, despite the escalation of war, there is usually a continuous effort, or willingness, on the part of both sides, as well as third parties, to settle the conflict as soon as possible.

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History of the GITT Travels

Human beings have been moving around the world practically since the beginning of their existence. The instinct of homo sapiens has always led us to explore and colonize different territories, thus giving rise to the cities, states and countries in which we now live.

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Governmental and Institucional Travels through fiction

GITT (Governmental and Institutional Travel and Tourism) travels are so assimilated in the minds of today's society that we hardly realize that it is constantly happening around us. Visits by ministers, presidents or former presidents, members of royalty, etc. are the daily routine, both in the real world and in the fiction that we constantly consume in series, movies, novels, etc. This makes us unaware of the amount of requirements and special features that surround this type of travel; both security, protocol and other types

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